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Adult and Foetal Stem Cells ONCG4014 Module
Angiogenesis and Tumour-Host Interactions ONCG2001 Module
Cancer Biology and Molecular Therapeutics ONCG3005 Module
Cancer Cell Genetics ONCG2002 Module
Cancer Immunology and Novel Therapies ONCG3001 Module
Cancer Statistics and Epidemiology ONCG4007 Module
Cancer Treatment and Chemotherapy ONCG4003 Module
Causes and Consequences of Cancer ONCG1002 Module
Cell, Developmental and Molecular Biology ONCG4012 Module
Clinical Pharmacology and Systemic Therapies ONCG4004 Module
Colorectal Cancer and Ovarian Cancer ONCG2003 Module
Current Advances in Oncology (Online) ONCG4027 Module
Diagnostic Pathology of Cancer ONCG4017 Module
Drug Design and Pharmacology PHAR4001 Module
Epidemiology of Cancer and Population Genetics ONCG2005 Module
Genetics and Gene Regulation MEDS4003 Module
Hallmarks of Cancer ONCG1001 Module
Host Tumour Interface ONCG4011 Module
Industrial/Research Placement Dissertation ONCG4028 Module
Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer ONCG2004 Module
Molecular Basis of Cancer ONCG4001 Module
Patient Portfolio ONCG3004 Module
Patient-Centred Library Project ONCG2006 Module
Placement Proposal ONCG4026 Module
Pluripotent Stem Cells ONCG4013 Module
Practical Project ONCG3003 Module
Radiation Biology Applied to Therapy ONCG4005 Module
Research Skills & Technology Exploitation ONCG4015 Module
School of Medicine MSc Research Project ONCG4024 Module
Statistics and Bioinformatics MEDS4004 Module
Techniques in Cancer Research ONCG4018 Module
Theoretical and Applied Molecular Diagnostics in the NHS MEDS4005 Module
Translational Technologies for Stem Cells ONCG4023 Module
Tumour Immunology (Oncology) ONCG4006 Module
Tumour Microenvironment ONCG3002 Module
Tumour Physiology ONCG4002 Module

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There are currently no lists linked to this Division.