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Ageing Systems Physiology MGEM3015 Module
Biochemical processes MGEMF004 Module
Biological Molecules MGEMF005 Module
Body Processes MGEMF006 Module
Body Structure MGEMF001 Module
Cancer Biology MGEM2014 Module
Cardiovascular Disease MGEM2019 Module
Cell structure and function MGEM1001 Module
Cells and Tissues MGEMF003 Module
Contemporary Insights and Skills for MPT MGEM2018 Module
Diagnostic Histopathology and Imaging MGEM3010 Module
GEM Alimentary system MGEM2009 Module
GEM Cardiovascular sciences MGEM2003 Module
GEM Endocrine system MGEM2005 Module
GEM Foundation: structure, function & defence MGEM2001 Module
GEM Integrative module MGEM2011 Module
GEM Limbs and Back MGEM2002 Module
GEM Neurosciences MGEM2007 Module
GEM Personal & professional development 1 MGEM2006 Module
GEM Personal & professional development 2 MGEM2008 Module
GEM Respiratory sciences MGEM2004 Module
GEM Urogenital system MGEM2010 Module
Human Genetics MGEMF002 Module
Infection and Defence MGEM1003 Module
Introduction to Microbiology MGEMF011 Module
MGEM2011 Integrative MGEM2022 Module
Movement MGEM1002 Module
Neuroscience MGEM2012 Module
Personal and Professional Development MGEM3001 Module
Pharmacology and Therapeutics MGEM2016 Module
Professionalism and Communication Skills MGEMF010 Module
Rehabilitation and Long Term Conditions MGEM3006 Module
Reproduction MGEM2015 Module
Research Design, Research Methods and Statistics MGEM3002 Module
Research Project/Audit MGEM3003 Module
Respiratory Disease MGEM2013 Module
Skeletal Muscle in Health and Disease MGEM2017 Module
Skeletal Muscle Physiology & Metabolism in Exercise, Health & Disease MGEM3007 Module
Study and Academic Skills for Medical Physiology and Therapeutics MGEM1007 Module
Supply and Demand 1 MGEM1004 Module
Supply and Demand 2 MGEM1005 Module
Supply and Demand 3 MGEM1006 Module
The Cellular Basis of Disease MGEM3009 Module

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