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Advancing Midwifery Clinical Practice MIDW3033 Module
Applying Research Skills to Midwifery Practice MIDW3034 Module
Care of the Neonate MIDW1009 Module
Care of the Neonate with Additional Needs MIDW2015 Module
Complex Childbirth and the Midwife MIDW2006 Module
Complexity in the Childbirth Continuum MIDW2013 Module
Contemporary Issues in Infant Feeding and Nutrition MIDW4009 Module
Developing Midwifery Clinical Practice MIDW2012 Module
Dissertation : Master of Science in Midwifery Studies, Maternal and Newborn Health MIDW4007 Module
Empowering Midwifery Practice MIDW4006 Module
Enhanced Care of the Sick Mother MIDW3035 Module
Enhanced Maternity Care of the Sick Childbearing Woman MIDW4011 Module
Examination of Newborn for Healthcare Practitioners MIDW3028 Module
Examination of the Newborn for Healthcare Practitioners MIDW4004 Module
Foundations of Compassionate Midwifery MIDW1008 Module
High Dependency Care of the Childbearing Woman MIDW4003 Module
Holistic Care of the Neonate MIDW3036 Module
Human Biology MIDW1012 Module
Human Biology Applied to Midwifery MIDW1013 Module
Introducing Midwifery Clinical Practice MIDW1011 Module
Introduction to Research Methodology and Design MIDW4012 Module
Leadership and Innovation for Midwifery MIDW3037 Module
Maternal and Newborn Health in a Global Context MIDW4013 Module
Normal Childbirth MIDW1002 Module
Normal Midwifery Practice in Contemporary Society MIDW1001 Module
Perinatal Mental Health and the Role of the Midwife MIDW2005 Module
Perinatal Mental Health and Wellbeing MIDW2016 Module
Quality Improvement in Midwifery Practice MIDW3038 Module
Research Evidence for High Quality Midwifery Practice MIDW3009 Module
Research Skills for Evidence-Based Midwifery Care MIDW2007 Module
Research Skills for Maternal and Newborn Health Practice MIDW4014 Module
Sign Off Mentor Preparation for Midwives MIDW3013 Module
The Childbirth Continuum MIDW1010 Module
The Compassionate and Professional Midwife MIDW1004 Module
The Competent Student Midwife in Practice MIDW3011 Module
The Concepts of Perinatal Mental Health for Health Care Professionals MIDW4010 Module
The Developing Student Midwife in Practice MIDW2008 Module
The Midwife as a Public Health Practitioner MIDW2014 Module
The Midwife as a Scholar and Leader MIDW3039 Module
The Novice Student Midwife in Practice MIDW1003 Module
The Politics of Maternity Care MIDW3008 Module
The Professional Midwife in Contemporary Society MIDW3010 Module
The Professional Midwifery Advocate MIDW4016 Module
The Social and Political Context of Maternity Care MIDW3040 Module
Understanding Midwifery Research MIDW2017 Module
Using Evidence to Advocate in Midwifery Practice MIDW4015 Module

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