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Cancer Immunotherapy ONCG4025 Module
Clinical Phase 2 MEDI4021 Module
Clinical Psychology - Core Models & Concepts PSTY4075 Module
Clinical Toxicology MGEM3016 Module
Coaching Mentoring and Supervision MEDS4011 Module
Common Sporting Injuries: an evidence base RHEU4014 Module
Expedition and Wilderness Medicine RHEU4013 Module
Independent Research Project MEDS4008 Module
Introduction to Management Psychology and Quantitative Workplace Data PSTY4073 Module
Learning in Complex and Uncertain Environments MEDS4007 Module
Management of Athletes' Musculoskeletal Health RHEU4015 Module
Medical Education Research and Dissertation MEDS4017 Module
Molecular Pathology Research Module MEDS4006 Module
Paediatric Cancer ONCG3006 Module
Physical Activity in Health and Disease RHEU4002 Module
Principles and Practice of Applying Psychometrics in Assessment MEDI4014 Module
Principles and Practice of Assessment and Feedback MEDS4018 Module
Principles and Practice of Curriculum Design and the Educational Environment MEDS4014 Module
Principles and Practice of Teaching and Learning MEDS4015 Module
Professionalism, Diversity and Professional Identity Development MEDS4009 Module
Project and Dissertation: Sports and Exercise Medicine RHEU4007 Module
Psychological Assessment at Work PSTY4072 Module
Public Health Sustainability, Climate and Environment EPID4032 Module
Research Methods for Sports and Exercise Medicine RHEU4016 Module
Sport and Exercise Nutrition RHEU4011 Module
Sports Injury Anatomy RHEU4001 Module
Sports Injury Assessment RHEU4017 Module
Strategic HRM and Managing Diversity PSTY4074 Module
Systematic Reviews NURS4015 Module
Teaching Clinical Reasoning using Case-Based Learning in Educational and Clinical Environments MEDS4016 Module
Technology Enhanced Education MEDS4010 Module
Underperformance and Performance Enhancement MEDS4012 Module

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