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Advanced Rehabilitation of Long Term Complex Conditions PHRS4025 Module
Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques PHRS3029 Module
Advancing Clinical Practice (Diagnostics) PHRS4019 Module
Advancing Clinical Practice (Musculoskeletal Management) PHRS4023 Module
Advancing Neuromusculoskeletal Practice (Diagnostics) PHRS4017 Module
Advancing Neuromusculoskeletal Practice 1 PHRS4015 Module
Advancing Neuromusculoskeletal Practice 2 PHRS4016 Module
Analysis of Human Movement PHRS3019 Module
Biological Communications, Digestion and Nutrition (Biosciences 2) PHRSF001 Module
Body Systems, Energy and Metabolism PHRSF002 Module
Business and Management Skills PHRS3023 Module
Cardio-respiratory PHRS3003 Module
Clinical Education - Placement 1 PHRS2002 Module
Clinical Education - Placement 2 PHRS2003 Module
Clinical Education - Placement 3 PHRS2020 Module
Clinical Education - Placement 4 PHRS2021 Module
Clinical Education - Placement 5 PHRS3013 Module
Clinical Education - Placement 6 PHRS3015 Module
Clinical Education - Placement 7 PHRS3017 Module
Clinical Education - Placement 8 PHRS3035 Module
Community Project PHRS3028 Module
Contemporary Practices in Injection Therapy (Upper Limb) PHRS4012 Module
Contemporary Practices in Injection Therapy (Lower Limb) PHRS4013 Module
Contemporary Practices in Injection Therapy (upper and lower limb) PHRS4005 Module
Continuing Professional Development 1 PHRS1008 Module
Continuing Professional Development 2 PHRS2028 Module
Continuing Professional Development 3 PHRS3184 Module
Critical Reflection, Reasoning and Appraisal in Clinical Practice PHRS4024 Module
Developing Evidence Based Practice PHRS1007 Module
Developing Strength and Conditioning PHRS3181 Module
Disability in Sport PHRS3030 Module
Dissertation PHRS3185 Module
Dissertation - Master of Science in Physiotherapy PHRS4007 Module
Elective Clinical Placement PHRS3016 Module
Evaluation and Research Development in Health Sciences PHRS4021 Module
Exercise & Sport in Specific Populations PHRS3031 Module
Exercise Science and Therapy PHRS3008 Module
Foundation in Health Psychology PHRSF003 Module
Foundations in Biosciences PHRSF004 Module
Health Science Project PHRSF005 Module
Injury Management and Rehabilitation PHRS2011 Module
Introduction to Strength and Conditioning PHRS3180 Module
Management of cardiorespiratory conditions PHRS2016 Module
Management of Long Term/Complex Conditions PHRS2019 Module
Management of musculoskeletal conditions PHRS2017 Module
Management of neurological conditions PHRS2018 Module
Mental Health PHRS3009 Module
Movement Science Based Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation PHRS4006 Module
Musculoskeletal Disorders and Disease (MSD&D) PHRS1004 Module
Neurology and Health Care of the Elderly PHRS2010 Module
Neuromusculoskeletal Studies 2 PHRS1006 Module
Neuromusculoskeletal Studies I PHRS1002 Module
Neurorehabilitation PHRS3010 Module
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology PHRS2013 Module
Paediatric Care PHRS3012 Module
Pathophysiology 1 PHRS1001 Module
Pathophysiology 2 PHRS1005 Module
Pathophysiology Studies 2 PHRS1009 Module
Personal and Professional Development 1 PHRS1003 Module
Personal and Professional Development 2 PHRS2007 Module
Personal and Professional Development 3 PHRS3005 Module
Physical Activity for Health PHRS3018 Module
Placement 1 PHRS2014 Module
Placement 2 PHRS3040 Module
Placement 3 PHRS3033 Module
Placement 4 PHRS3034 Module
Prehabilitation and Screening PHRS2012 Module
Professional and Personal Development PHRSF006 Module
Project PHRS3004 Module
Psychology in Sport PHRS3027 Module
Rehabilitation for Pain Management PHRS4022 Module
Rehabilitation of Spinal Disorders PHRS3037 Module
Research Development PHRS2029 Module
Research Method & Planning PHRS2005 Module
Rheumatology PHRS3020 Module
Soft Tissue Therapy PHRS2022 Module
Sports Medicine and Sports Injuries PHRS3011 Module
The Management of Pain PHRS3006 Module
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics PHYS4013 Module
Women`s Health PHRS3007 Module
Work based project in Professional Practice I PHRS4001 Module

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