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Academic Skills BIOS1069 Module
Advanced Dietetic Practice BIOS4031 Module
Advanced Dietetics (Clinical and Public Health) and Professional Issues BIOS4046 Module
Advanced Molecular Methods in Biotechnology BIOS4127 Module
Advanced Practical Methods in Biopharma & Food Sciences (10 credits) BIOS4151 Module
Advanced Practical Methods in Food Sciences BIOS4118 Module
Advanced Sensory and Consumer Method BIOS3094 Module
Advanced Sensory Science and Topical Techniques BIOS4015 Module
Agricultural Business in the Global Economy BIOS1022 Module
Agricultural Business in the Global Economy BIOS1070 Module
AgriTech and Innovation BIOS2042 Module
Agronomy Field Course BIOS3044 Module
An Introduction to Biotechnology BIOS1053 Module
An Introduction to Genetics and Biochemistry BIOS1064 Module
Analysis of Bacterial Gene Expression BIOS2008 Module
Animal Anatomy BIOS1030 Module
Animal Biology BIOS1015 Module
Animal Biology (20 credit) BIOS1065 Module
Animal Biotechnology BIOS4122 Module
Animal Nutrition BIOS3029 Module
Animal Physiology and Anatomy BIOS1066 Module
Antibody Biotechnology BIOS4004 Module
Applied Animal Science BIOS2032 Module
Applied Bioethics 1: Animals, Biotechnology and Society BIOS3024 Module
Applied Crop Science BIOS2121 Module
Applied Genetics BIOS1002 Module
Applied Marketing: Agriculture and Food BIOS2002 Module
Applied plant physiology: from cell to crop BIOS2026 Module
Arctic Ecology Field Course BIOS3023 Module
Bacterial Physiology BIOS1005 Module
Basic Laboratory Techniques BIOS4006 Module
Beer Analysis and Quality Management BIOS4040 Module
Beer Finishing and Packaging BIOS4156 Module
Beer flavour development and sensory analysis (10 credit) BIOS4157 Module
Biochemistry - The Building Blocks of Life BIOS1009 Module
Bioprocessing and Bioengineering BIOS4124 Module
Biosciences (Basic Research Techniques) BIOS4073 Module
Biotechnology in Animal Physiology BIOS3005 Module
Biotechnology in Animal Physiology (20 credit) BIOS3110 Module
Brewery Operations and Beer Design BIOS4155 Module
Brewery Yeast Management BIOS4034 Module
Brewhouse Processes BIOS4033 Module
Brewing Microbiology BIOS4038 Module
Brewing Raw Materials and Wort Production BIOS4154 Module
Brewing Research Project BIOS4114 Module
Building a Habitable Planet BIOS1004 Module
Cell Factories BIOS4128 Module
Changing Behaviour, Promoting Health BIOS3043 Module
Climate Change Mitigation BIOS3103 Module
Climate Change Science BIOS2013 Module
Climate, Atmosphere and Oceans BIOS1052 Module
Communication & Public Engagement Skills for Scientists BIOS4117 Module
Communication Skills & Educational Methods BIOS2001 Module
Communication Skills & Educational Methods (20 credit) BIOS2109 Module
Companion and Zoo Animal Nutrition BIOS4082 Module
Companion Animal Science BIOS3027 Module
Computer Modelling in Science: Applications BIOS3036 Module
Computer Modelling in Science: Introduction (UP) BIOS2016 Module
Consumer Science BIOS3113 Module
Consumer Sensory Science - qualitative, quantitative and topical techniques BIOS4016 Module
Coordinated Physiological Functions BIOS3006 Module
Core Skills and Technologies of Food Manufacture BIOS4172 Module
Core Skills and Technologies of Food Manufacture BIOS4131 Module
Current Issues in Crop Science BIOS3008 Module
Diabetes II BIOS4063 Module
Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle BIOS1019 Module
Dietetics Research Project BIOS4027 Module
Earth, Atmosphere and Oceans BIOS1072 Module
Ecological Surveying BIOS2089 Module
Economic Analysis for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences BIOS2007 Module
Ecosystem Processes BIOS2019 Module
Enterprise Management Challenge BIOS2014 Module
Environmental Biotechnology BIOS3026 Module
Environmental Geochemistry BIOS2044 Module
Environmental Geoscience BIOS1013 Module
Environmental Management Field Course BIOS2003 Module
Environmental Plant Physiology BIOS2122 Module
Environmental pollutants: fate, impact and remediation. BIOS3049 Module
Environmental Pollution Field Course BIOS3020 Module
Environmental Science and Society BIOS1026 Module
Epigenetics and Development BIOS3033 Module
Epigenetics and Developmental Biotechnology BIOS2088 Module
Essential Study Skills BIOS1029 Module
Factory Design and Operations for Food Production BIOS4095 Module
Feed industry business and case studies BIOS4086 Module
Fermentation and yeast handling BIOS4035 Module
Field Crops Cereals BIOS3045 Module
Flavour Science - Theory and Practice BIOS3112 Module
Food - Technical team challenge BIOS2012 Module
Food and Social Action BIOS2111 Module
Food and Social Thought BIOS2112 Module
Food and Society BIOS2113 Module
Food Factory Designs and Operations BIOS4045 Module
Food Flavour BIOS4007 Module
Food Flavour and the Physiology of Perception BIOS3078 Module
Food Manufacturing Case Studies (10 credit) BIOS4050 Module
Food Materials and Ingredients BIOS1010 Module
Forest Ecology and Management (20 Credits) BIOS2101 Module
Foundation Science for Bio-scientists BIOS1061 Module
Fundamental and Applied Yeast Physiology BIOS2107 Module
Fundamentals in Food Science and Nutrition BIOS1062 Module
Fundamentals in Food Science and Nutrition (20 credit) BIOS1063 Module
Fundamentals of Biomolecular Technology BIOS4074 Module
Fundamentals of Food and Dietetics BIOS2073 Module
Fundamentals of Food and Dietetics (20 credit) BIOS2115 Module
Fundamentals of Immunology BIOS2010 Module
Fundamentals of Nutrition BIOS4069 Module
Fundamentals of Nutrition (Animal Nutrition option) BIOS4087 Module
Gastroenterology BIOS4072 Module
Genes and Cells BIOS1001 Module
Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants BIOS4042 Module
Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants BIOS3035 Module
Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants (ATP) BIOS4076 Module
Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Monitoring BIOS1060 Module
Global Issues in Nutrition BIOS2037 Module
Glycan Biotechnology BIOS4005 Module
Grassland Management BIOS1007 Module
Habitat Management BIOS1055 Module
Healthy People Healthy Planet BIOS3092 Module
Human and Technological Resource Management BIOS3087 Module
Industrial and Commercial aspects of Animal Biotechnology BIOS4121 Module
Industrial and Commercial Aspects of Microbial Biotechnology BIOS4129 Module
Industrial and Commercial Aspects of Plant Biotechnology BIOS4126 Module
Industrial Food Manufacture & Product Development BIOS3047 Module
Industrial Food Manufacture and Product Development BIOS3109 Module
Industrial Project and Dissertation BIOS4152 Module
Ingredients to Product: Processing and Safety BIOS2124 Module
Insect Biology BIOS2123 Module
Integrated Agri-Food Markets and Marketing BIOS1023 Module
International Agri-Business BIOS3077 Module
Introduction to Dietetics BIOS1021 Module
Introduction to Nutrition BIOS1008 Module
Introduction to Plant Science BIOS1003 Module
Introduction to Public Engagement and Communication in Science BIOS4173 Module
Introduction to Research Ethics and Integrity in Science BIOS4158 Module
Introductory Physiology BIOS1006 Module
Livestock Production Science BIOS3031 Module
Management Consultancy BIOS3007 Module
Microbes and You (30 credits) BIOS1068 Module
Microbial Fermentation BIOS3010 Module
Microbial Isolation and Identification Methods (20 credits) BIOS3111 Module
Microbial Mechanisms of Food Borne Disease BIOS2030 Module
Molecular Biological Laboratory Skills BIOS3037 Module
Molecular Biology of the Cell BIOS2027 Module
Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology BIOS3018 Module
Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology (Postgraduate) BIOS4011 Module
Molecular Nutrition BIOS3030 Module
Molecular Nutrition BIOS4067 Module
Molecular Nutrition (Animal Nutrition option) BIOS4088 Module
Molecular Nutrition (Biotechnology Option) BIOS4120 Module
Molecular Pharming and Biotechnology BIOS2029 Module
Molecular Plant Pathology BIOS3002 Module
MSci Research Project BIOS4147 Module
Musculoskeletal Physiology BIOS3100 Module
Non-Ruminant Nutrition (pigs and poultry) BIOS4083 Module
Nutrition Across the Lifespan BIOS3028 Module
Nutrition and Diabetes BIOS4062 Module
Nutrition and Metabolism BIOS4068 Module
Nutrition and Physiology Interaction BIOS2091 Module
Nutrition Support BIOS4047 Module
Nutrition Undergraduate Research Project BIOS3115 Module
Nutrition, Metabolism and Disease BIOS2036 Module
Nutritional Regulation, Physiology and Endocrinology BIOS2038 Module
Obesity Management BIOS4048 Module
Omics: At the forefront of Biotechnology BIOS3042 Module
Packaging of Beer BIOS4059 Module
Paediatric Nutrition BIOS4057 Module
Palaeobiology BIOS3041 Module
Personal and Professional Development for Food Scientists BIOS3039 Module
Personal and Professional Skills for Nutritionists BIOS2072 Module
Physiology of Electrically Excitable Tissues BIOS2033 Module
Plant Biotechnology MSc Pre-Project BIOS4119 Module
Plant Biotic Interactions: From Conflict to Cooperation BIOS3108 Module
Plant Cell Signalling BIOS3016 Module
Plant Cell Signalling BIOS4010 Module
Plant Ecophysiology BIOS3015 Module
Plant Pathology BIOS3011 Module
Plant Pests and Pathogens BIOS2119 Module
Plant Science Research Tutorials BIOS1017 Module
Plants and the Light Environment BIOS3014 Module
Postgraduate Research Project BIOS4096 Module
Practical Brewing BIOS4089 Module
Practical Policy Making BIOS2041 Module
Practical Techniques in Human Nutrition BIOS2039 Module
Principles and Practice of Dietetics BIOS3046 Module
Principles of Animal Nutrition BIOS2034 Module
Principles of Ecology BIOS1016 Module
Processing and Sensory Evaluation of Food BIOS2025 Module
Professional Skills for Biotechnologists BIOS2081 Module
Professional Skills for Biotechnologists BIOS4123 Module
Project Management BIOS4071 Module
Prokaryotic Diversity BIOS2006 Module
Public Health Nutrition BIOS4070 Module
Rapid methods in Microbiology BIOS3093 Module
Raw materials for Brewing BIOS4032 Module
Reproductive Physiology BIOS2011 Module
Research and Professional Skills (Biosciences) BIOS2116 Module
Research Project in Environmental Science BIOS3034 Module
Research Skills For Animal Scientists BIOS2083 Module
Research Skills for Biotechnologists BIOS2082 Module
Research Skills in Dietetics BIOS3019 Module
Research Skills in Microbial Biotechnology BIOS4125 Module
Research Skills in Nutrition BIOS4065 Module
Research Techniques for Microbiologists BIOS2110 Module
Research Techniques in Animal Biotechnology BIOS4116 Module
Research techniques in animal nutrition BIOS4085 Module
Ruminant Nutrition BIOS4084 Module
Rural Business Management BIOS3004 Module
Sensory Evaluation BIOS2015 Module
Sensory Evaluation - statistical methods and interpretation BIOS4013 Module
Sensory evaluation and sensory techniques BIOS4012 Module
Sensory Science Project BIOS4014 Module
Sex, Flowers and Biotechnology BIOS4023 Module
Sex, Flowers and Biotechnology BIOS3003 Module
Soil and Water Science BIOS2035 Module
Soils BIOS2005 Module
Statistics and Experimental Design for Bioscientists BIOS4001 Module
Sustainability in Agricultural Systems BIOS1012 Module
Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Nutrition BIOS1067 Module
Sustainable Beverage Production BIOS4037 Module
Sustainable Food Systems BIOS2125 Module
Sustainable Soil Management BIOS3102 Module
Systems Neurophysiology BIOS3021 Module
Systems Neurophysiology BIOS3095 Module
The Green Planet BIOS2075 Module
The Physiology of Microbes BIOS1027 Module
The Urban Environment BIOS2114 Module
Trends in Food and Nutrition Research BIOS3048 Module
Tropical Ecology and Conservation BIOS3101 Module
Tutorials in Environmental Science BIOS1011 Module
Undergraduate Research Project BIOS3040 Module
Virology BIOS2009 Module
Virology and Cellular Microbiology BIOS3022 Module
World Agroecosystems BIOS3114 Module
Writing and Reviewing Research Proposals BIOS4064 Module
Yeast and Fermentation Technology BIOS3116 Module
Yeast Fermentation Biotech BIOS4153 Module

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