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'Otherness' in Classical Art CLAR3048 Module
Advanced Greek 1 for MA CLAR4039 Module
Advanced Greek 2 for MA CLAR4040 Module
Advanced Greek for MA students CLAR4005 Module
Advanced Greek: 1 CLAR3016 Module
Advanced Greek: 2 CLAR3018 Module
Advanced Latin 1 for MA CLAR4033 Module
Advanced Latin 2 for MA CLAR4034 Module
Advanced Latin for MA Students CLAR4007 Module
Advanced Latin: 1 CLAR3017 Module
Advanced Latin: 2 CLAR3019 Module
Animals in the Ancient World CLAR3044 Module
Archaeological Detective CLAR3088 Module
Archaeological Finds: from Field to Publication CLAR2022 Module
Archaeological Research: Theory and Practice CLAR2012 Module
Archaeology: Theory & Practice CLAR2011 Module
Augustus CLAR3029 Module
Beginners Greek for 2nd and 3rd Years: 1 CLAR3024 Module
Beginners Greek for 2nd and 3rd Years: 2 CLAR3025 Module
Beginners Greek: 1 CLAR1000 Module
Beginners Greek: 2 CLAR1003 Module
Beginners Latin for 2nd and 3rd Years: 1 CLAR3026 Module
Beginners Latin for 2nd and 3rd Years: 2 CLAR3027 Module
Beginners Latin: 1 CLAR1001 Module
Beginners Latin: 2 CLAR1002 Module
Beginners' Greek 1 for MA CLAR4035 Module
Beginners' Greek 2 for MA CLAR4036 Module
Beginners' Latin 1 for MA CLAR4029 Module
Beginners' Latin 2 for MA CLAR4030 Module
Britain in the Later Roman Empire (c. 250-450) CLAR3079 Module
Classics and Children's Literature CLAR3092 Module
Classics and Comics CLAR3034 Module
Classics and Film CLAR3068 Module
Classics and TV CLAR3054 Module
Coins, Cults and Cities: Coinage in the Eastern Roman Provinces (30 BC to AD 270) CLAR3093 Module
Communicating the Past CLAR2000 Module
Comparative World Prehistory CLAR1022 Module
Dissertation CLAR3032 Module
Dissertation (Masters) in Classical Antiquity CLAR4000 Module
Extended Source Study CLAR2006 Module
Francia in the Age of Clovis and Gregory of Tours CLAR3061 Module
From Petra to Palmyra: Art and Culture in the Roman Near East CLAR3087 Module
Gender Fluidity in the Ancient World CLAR3096 Module
Great Discoveries in Archaeology CLAR1023 Module
Greece in the Archaic Age, c. 800-500 BC CLAR3038 Module
Greek and Roman Mythology CLAR1016 Module
Greek and Roman Painting CLAR2020 Module
Greek Texts: 1 CLAR1004 Module
Greek Texts: 2 CLAR1007 Module
Greek Texts: 3 CLAR2001 Module
Greek Texts: 4 CLAR2003 Module
Greek Texts: 5 CLAR3020 Module
Greek Texts: 6 CLAR3022 Module
Greek Tragedy CLAR3046 Module
Greek Work, Class and the Economy: Good and Bad Strife. CLAR3043 Module
Hellenistic Italy: Art and culture from Etruria to Sicily 300 to 30 BC CLAR3028 Module
Heritage and the Media CLAR3095 Module
Homeric Epic CLAR3062 Module
Human Osteology CLAR3086 Module
Humans-Animals-Landscapes relationships CLAR3041 Module
Humans-animals-landscapes relationships (10 credit version) CLAR3072 Module
Imperial Biography CLAR3031 Module
Intermediate Greek 1 for MA CLAR4037 Module
Intermediate Greek 2 for MA CLAR4038 Module
Intermediate Greek: 1 CLAR3012 Module
Intermediate Greek: 2 CLAR3015 Module
Intermediate Latin 1 for MA CLAR4031 Module
Intermediate Latin 2 for MA CLAR4032 Module
Intermediate Latin: 1 CLAR3013 Module
Intermediate Latin: 2 CLAR3014 Module
Interpreting Ancient Art and Archaeology CLAR1013 Module
Interpreting Ancient History CLAR1014 Module
Interpreting Ancient Literature CLAR1015 Module
Introduction to Ancient Greek Medicine CLAR3071 Module
Jason and the Golden Fleece CLAR3036 Module
Justinian and the End of Antiquity CLAR3009 Module
Latin Texts: 1 CLAR1006 Module
Latin Texts: 2 CLAR1008 Module
Latin Texts: 3 CLAR2002 Module
Latin Texts: 4 CLAR2004 Module
Latin Texts: 5 CLAR3021 Module
Latin Texts: 6 CLAR3023 Module
Life and Death in the Medieval City (40cr) CLAR3097 Module
Mapping the Humanities CLAR3094 Module
Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean AD 500-1500 CLAR3091 Module
Myth, Society and Religion CLAR4025 Module
Oedipus Through the Ages (10) CLAR3090 Module
Oedipus Through the Ages (20) CLAR3077 Module
Periclean Athens: the Golden Age CLAR3059 Module
Reading the Iliad in Antiquity CLAR3037 Module
Religion and the Romans CLAR3083 Module
Researching the Ancient World CLAR4001 Module
Roman Comedy CLAR3033 Module
Rome and the Mediterranean CLAR3007 Module
Rome to Revolution: Historical Archaeology of Britain CLAR1019 Module
School of Humanities Work Placement (Classics & Archaeology) CLAR2009 Module
Special Topic in Archaeology 1 CLAR4011 Module
Special Topic in Archaeology 2 CLAR4012 Module
Special Topic in Classics 1 CLAR4023 Module
Special Topic in Classics 2 CLAR4024 Module
Studying Classical Scholarship CLAR2007 Module
Studying the Greek World CLAR1009 Module
Studying the Roman World CLAR1011 Module
Telling Stories in Greek and Roman Culture CLAR4009 Module
The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England CLAR3004 Module
The Archaeology of Britain CLAR1017 Module
The Archaeology of Mycenaean Greece CLAR3005 Module
The Athenian Empire CLAR3045 Module
The Celts: Iron Age Communities in West Central Europe 700 54 BC CLAR3066 Module
The Christian Empire CLAR3052 Module
The Legendary Adventures of Alexander the Great CLAR4041 Module
The Living and the Dead CLAR1018 Module
The Peloponnesian War CLAR3078 Module
The Silk Road: cultural interactions and perceptions CLAR3085 Module
The World of the Etruscans CLAR3075 Module
The World of the Minoans CLAR3089 Module
Themes in Near Eastern Prehistory CLAR3076 Module
Through a Glass Darkly CLAR3003 Module
Topics in Human Evolution CLAR3064 Module
Understanding the Past I CLAR1021 Module
Understanding the Past II CLAR1020 Module
Underwater Archaeology CLAR2008 Module
Violence in the Roman World CLAR3049 Module
Virgil and the Epic Tradition CLAR3067 Module
Writing History in Ancient Rome CLAR3081 Module

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