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Accelerated Design Training CHEE4018 Module
Advanced Biochemical Engineering CHEE4021 Module
Advanced Computational Methods CHEE4004 Module
Advanced Reaction Engineering CHEE4001 Module
Advanced Rheology and Materials CHEE4005 Module
Advanced Transport Phenomena CHEE3007 Module
Air Pollution CHEE3013 Module
Air Pollution 2 CHEE4025 Module
Analytical Measurement CHEE2010 Module
Biochemical Engineering CHEE3010 Module
Chemical and Phase Equilibria CHEE2003 Module
Chemistry for Engineers CHEE1033 Module
Contaminated Land CHEE4026 Module
Design Project CHEE3006 Module
Engineering Materials CHEE2005 Module
Environmental Assessment CHEE2040 Module
Environmental Risk Assessment CHEE4017 Module
Fluid Mechanics CHEE1034 Module
Food Processing CHEE4061 Module
Fundamentals of Engineering Design CHEE1006 Module
Fundamentals of Process Control CHEE2009 Module
Hazardous Waste Management CHEE3014 Module
Hydrology and Hydrogeology CHEE2012 Module
Industrial Process Analysis CHEE3011 Module
Interfacial Chemistry CHEE2006 Module
Introductory Geology CHEE1009 Module
Low Carbon Processes CHEE4074 Module
Materials & Sustainable Processes CHEE2047 Module
MEng Project CHEE4013 Module
MSc Food Process Engineering Project CHEE4076 Module
MSc Project CHEE4015 Module
Multicomponent Separations CHEE3005 Module
Multiphase Systems CHEE4002 Module
Particle Mechanics CHEE2004 Module
Petroleum Engineering CHEE4027 Module
Pilot-scale Facilities Practical Training CHEE4028 Module
Plant Design CHEE2002 Module
Power Generation and Carbon Capture CHEE4006 Module
Process Design & Control CHEE2048 Module
Process Dynamics and Control CHEE3001 Module
Process Engineering Laboratories CHEE3012 Module
Process Engineering Principles CHEE1036 Module
Process Engineering Project CHEE2008 Module
Process Risk Benefit and Analysis CHEE4011 Module
Process Simulation 1 CHEE3003 Module
Process Synthesis and Design CHEE4057 Module
Reactor Design CHEE3002 Module
Reactor Design and Process Control CHEE3048 Module
Renewable Energy from Wastes CHEE4075 Module
Research Planning CHEE4014 Module
Research Project Portfolio CHEE4008 Module
Research Project Portfolio Part 1 CHEE4023 Module
Research Project Portfolio Part 2 CHEE4024 Module
Separation & Particle Technology CHEE2049 Module
Separation Processes 1 CHEE2001 Module
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer CHEE1035 Module
Water Treatment CHEE3009 Module
Water Treatment Engineering CHEE4012 Module

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There are currently no lists linked to this Division.