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Academic & Transferable Skills Portfolio NATS1001 Module
Advanced Calculus and Differential Equation Techniques MTHS2003 Module
Advanced Financial Mathematics MATH4061 Module
Advanced Group Theory MATH4051 Module
Advanced Mathematical Methods for Civil Engineering MTHS2005 Module
Advanced Mathematical Modelling for Process Engineers MTHS2008 Module
Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers MTHS3002 Module
Advanced Mathematics and Statistics for Engineers MTHS2007 Module
Advanced Quantum Theory MATH3010 Module
Advanced Stochastic Processes MATH4008 Module
Algebra MATH1104 Module
Algebra and Number Theory MATH2015 Module
Algebra and Number Theory MATH2103 Module
Algebraic Geometry MATH4002 Module
Algebraic Number Theory MATH4006 Module
Analytical and Computational Foundations MATH1005 Module
Applied Algebra MTHS2002 Module
Applied Algebra MATH2017 Module
Applied Mathematics MATH1103 Module
Applied Mathematics MATH1016 Module
Applied Multivariate Statistics MATH4068 Module
Applied Nonlinear Dynamics MATH4057 Module
Applied Statistical Modelling MATH3029 Module
Applied Statistics and Probability (20 cr) MTHS4005 Module
Asymptotic Analysis (20cr) MATH4086 Module
Bayesian Data Analysis: Theory, Applications and Computational Methods (Distance Learning) MATH4076 Module
Black Holes MATH4016 Module
Calculus MATH1006 Module
Calculus and its Applications MTHS1002 Module
Calculus and Linear Algebra MTHS1001 Module
Classical & Quantum Mechanics MATH2107 Module
Classical and Bayesian Inference MATH4075 Module
Classical and Quantum Dynamics MATH3035 Module
Coding and Cryptography MATH3011 Module
Combinatorial Group Theory MATH4027 Module
Communicating Mathematics MATH3024 Module
Commutative Algebra MATH3022 Module
Commutative Algebra MATH4087 Module
Complex Analysis MATH4009 Module
Complex Analysis 1 MATH2101 Module
Complex Functions MATH2007 Module
Computational Applied Mathematics MATH4064 Module
Computational Statistics MATH4007 Module
Core Mathematics MATH1101 Module
Differential Equations MATH3016 Module
Differential Equations 1 MATH2104 Module
Differential Equations and Calculus for Engineers MATH2002 Module
Differential Equations and Calculus for Engineers MTHS2004 Module
Differential Equations and Fourier Analysis MATH2008 Module
Differential Geometry MATH4015 Module
Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory MATH3002 Module
Electromagnetism MATH3008 Module
Elliptic Curves MATH3031 Module
Elliptic Curves (20cr) MATH4084 Module
Financial and Computational Mathematics Dissertation MATH4062 Module
Financial Mathematics MATH4060 Module
Fluid Dynamics MATH3017 Module
Foundation Mathematics 1 MTHSF001 Module
Foundation Mathematics 2 MTHSF002 Module
Foundations of Advanced Analysis MATH4052 Module
Foundations of Pure Mathematics MATH1008 Module
Foundations of Statistics (Distance Learning) MATH4081 Module
Frequentist Statistical Inference (Distance Learning) MATH4078 Module
Further Foundation Mathematics MTHSF005 Module
Further Number Theory MATH4088 Module
Further Number Theory MATH3012 Module
Further Topics in Analysis MATH4047 Module
Further topics in Rings and Modules MATH4059 Module
Game Theory MATH3004 Module
Gravity, Particles and Fields Dissertation MATH4050 Module
Group Theory MATH4089 Module
Group Theory MATH3001 Module
Introduction to Finite Element Methods MATH4066 Module
Introduction to Mathematical Physics MATH2013 Module
Introduction to Quantum Information Science MATH4049 Module
Introduction to Scientific Computation MATH2019 Module
Linear Analysis MATH3020 Module
Linear Analysis (20cr) MATH4090 Module
Linear Mathematics MATH1007 Module
Machine Learning for Engineers MTHS3004 Module
Mathematical Analysis MATH2009 Module
Mathematical Finance MATH3015 Module
Mathematical Medicine and Biology MATH3009 Module
Mathematical Methods for Architectural and Environmental Engineering MTHS1007 Module
Mathematical Methods for Chemical and Environmental Engineering MTHS1008 Module
Mathematical Methods for Civil Engineering MTHS1009 Module
Mathematical Structures MATH1009 Module
Mathematics Dissertation MATH4001 Module
Mathematics for Chemistry 1 MTHS1005 Module
Mathematics for Chemistry 2 MTHS1006 Module
Mathematics for Chemistry 2 MATH1012 Module
Mathematics for Engineering Management MATH4056 Module
Mathematics for Engineering Management MTHS4003 Module
Mathematics Group Projects MATH4045 Module
Metric and Topological Spaces MATH3003 Module
Metric and Topological Spaces (20cr) MATH4085 Module
Modelling with Differential Equations MATH2012 Module
Multivariate Analysis MATH3030 Module
Multivariate and Time Series Analysis (Distance Learning) MATH4077 Module
Natural Sciences Dissertation NATS4002 Module
Number Fields and Galois Theory MATH3021 Module
Optimization MATH3027 Module
Practical Biomedical Modelling MATH4046 Module
Probabilistic and Numerical Techniques for Engineers MTHS2006 Module
Probabilistic and Numerical Techniques for Engineers MATH2003 Module
Probability MATH1001 Module
Probability 3 MATH2109 Module
Probability [Apprenticeship] MATH1055 Module
Probability and Statistics 1 MATH1102 Module
Probability and Statistics 2 MATH2108 Module
Probability Models and Methods MATH2010 Module
Probability Theory MATH4003 Module
Quantum Field Theory MATH4017 Module
Real Analysis MATH2102 Module
Relativity MATH3018 Module
Scientific Computation MATH2105 Module
Scientific Computation and Numerical Analysis MATH3036 Module
Scientific Computing and C++ MATH4063 Module
Statistical Foundations MATH4065 Module
Statistical Inference MATH3013 Module
Statistical Machine Learning MATH4069 Module
Statistical Machine Learning (Distance Learning) MATH4079 Module
Statistical Modelling MATH4082 Module
Statistical Modelling of Discrete and Survival Data (Distance Learning) MATH4080 Module
Statistical Models and Methods MATH2011 Module
Statistics MATH1010 Module
Statistics 3 MATH2110 Module
Statistics [Apprenticeship] MATH1054 Module
Statistics Dissertation MATH4021 Module
Statistics Dissertation (Distance Learning) MATH5001 Module
Stochastic Financial Modelling MATH4018 Module
Stochastic Models MATH3014 Module
Synoptic module NATS4001 Module
Techniques for Differential Equations MATH4012 Module
Time Series Analysis MATH3026 Module
Time Series and Forecasting MATH4022 Module
Topics in Biomedical Mathematics MATH4014 Module
Vector Calculus MATH2005 Module
Vector Calculus and Electromagnetism MATH2106 Module

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