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Advanced Gravity PHYS4022 Module
Advanced Techniques for Nanoscience Research PHYS4026 Module
Atmospheric and Planetary Physics PHYS4004 Module
Atoms, Photons and Fundamental Particles PHYS3001 Module
Basic Mathematical Methods for Physics PHYS1006 Module
Classical Fields PHYS2003 Module
Computing For Physical Science PHYS1005 Module
Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation PHYS2006 Module
Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation B PHYS2009 Module
Extreme Astrophysics PHYS4009 Module
Force and Function at the Nanoscale PHYS3009 Module
Fourier Methods PHYS2008 Module
From Accelerators to Medical Imaging PHYS4005 Module
From Newton to Einstein PHYS1001 Module
Frontiers in Physics PHYS1003 Module
Functional Medical Imaging PHYS4010 Module
Gravity PHYS4002 Module
Health Physics PHYS3008 Module
Imaging and Data Processing PHYS4019 Module
Intermediate Experimental Physics PHYS2005 Module
Introduction to Cosmology PHYS4003 Module
Introduction to Optics PHYS2011 Module
Introduction to Practical Quantum Computing PHYS4041 Module
Introduction to Solid State Physics PHYS3002 Module
Introductory Experimental Physics PHYS1002 Module
Light and Matter PHYS4021 Module
Machine Learning in Science - Project PHYS4037 Module
Machine Learning in Science Part I PHYS4035 Module
Machine Learning in Science Part II PHYS4036 Module
Magnetic Resonance PHYS4018 Module
Modern Applications of Physics: From Research to Industry PHYS4025 Module
Modern Cosmology PHYS4016 Module
Molecular Biophysics PHYS3012 Module
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos PHYS4008 Module
Optics and Electromagnetism PHYS2007 Module
Order, Disorder and Fluctuations PHYS4029 Module
Physics Project B PHYS3004 Module
Physics Project C PHYS3005 Module
Physics Project D PHYS3014 Module
Physics Research Project PHYS4015 Module
Physics Research Project B PHYS4024 Module
Principles of Dynamics PHYS3010 Module
Quantitative Physics PHYS1004 Module
Quantum Coherent Devices PHYS4031 Module
Quantum Dynamics PHYS4017 Module
Quantum Transport PHYS4030 Module
Research Techniques in Astronomy PHYS4020 Module
Scientific Computing PHYS4007 Module
Scientific Programming in Python PHYS4038 Module
Semiconductor Physics PHYS4014 Module
Soft Condensed Matter PHYS4006 Module
Solid State Physics for Natural Science PHYS4023 Module
Symmetry and Action Principles in Physics PHYS3013 Module
The Politics, Perception and Philosophy of Physics PHYS4032 Module
The Quantum World PHYS2001 Module
The Structure of Galaxies PHYS3011 Module
The Structure of Stars PHYS3007 Module
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics PHYS4013 Module
Theory Toolbox PHYS3015 Module
Thermal and Statistical Physics PHYS2002 Module
Wave Phenomena PHYS2004 Module

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