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Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures COMP4019 Module
Advanced Computer Networks COMP4032 Module
Advanced Functional Programming COMP2003 Module
AI and Machine Learning DATA2006 Module
Algorithms Correctness and Efficiency COMP2009 Module
Algorithms Data Structures and Efficiency COMP2054 Module
Applied Machine Learning Assessment ZDAT2003 Module
Artificial Intelligence Methods COMP2001 Module
Artificial Intelligence Methods (10cr) COMP2011 Module
Assembly Language Programming COMP1054 Module
Autonomous Robotic Systems COMP4034 Module
Becoming a Professional Data Scientist DATA3001 Module
Big Data and Cloud Project (Assessment) ZDAT3002 Module
Big Data Learning and Technologies COMP4124 Module
C++ Programming COMP2006 Module
Collaboration and Communication Technologies COMP3010 Module
Compilers COMP3012 Module
Computability and Computational Complexity COMP3001 Module
Computer Architecture COMP1056 Module
Computer Fundamentals COMP1007 Module
Computer Graphics COMP3011 Module
Computer Science First Year Tutorial COMP1002 Module
Computer Science MSc Tutorial COMP4143 Module
Computer Security COMP3006 Module
Computer Vision COMP4106 Module
Computer Vision COMP3007 Module
Cryptography COMP3077 Module
Cyber Security COMP4121 Module
Data Analysis Portfolio Assessment ZDAT1003 Module
Data Science Group Project Assessment ZDAT2001 Module
Data Science with Machine Learning COMP4030 Module
Data Visualisation COMP3021 Module
Data Visualisation Project COMP3022 Module
Databases DATA2003 Module
Databases and Interfaces COMP1004 Module
Databases, Interfaces and Software Design Principles COMP4039 Module
Databases, Interfaces and Software Design Principles (Level 3) COMP3084 Module
Design Ethnography COMP4017 Module
Designing Intelligent Agents COMP4105 Module
Designing Intelligent Agents (UG) COMP3004 Module
Designing Sensor-Based Systems COMP4104 Module
Developing Maintainable Software COMP2013 Module
Development Experience COMP3015 Module
Distributed Systems COMP2014 Module
End Point Assessment (Data Scientist Apprenticeship) ZDAT3003 Module
Enhanced MSc Research Project and Dissertation in Artificial Intelligence COMP4140 Module
Enhanced MSc Research Project and Dissertation in Computer Science COMP4142 Module
Enhanced MSc Research Project and Dissertation in Cyber Physical Systems COMP4141 Module
Foundations in Maths for Data Science DATA1002 Module
Foundations in Software Development DATA1003 Module
Fundamental Skills Assessment ZDAT1002 Module
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence COMP1008 Module
Further Mathematical Methods for Data Science DATA1005 Module
Games COMP4002 Module
Handling Uncertainty with Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Systems COMP4033 Module
Horizon CDT Advanced Research Practice COMP4110 Module
Horizon CDT Enabling Technologies COMP4115 Module
Horizon CDT Future Products COMP4108 Module
Horizon CDT Future Products COMP4138 Module
Horizon CDT Impact Plans COMP4116 Module
Horizon CDT Literature Review COMP4117 Module
Horizon CDT Optional Placement COMP4112 Module
Horizon CDT Peer-review Publication COMP4111 Module
Horizon CDT PhD Research Proposal COMP4004 Module
Horizon CDT Placement COMP4118 Module
Horizon CDT Planning Your Thesis COMP4113 Module
Horizon CDT Reflection on Internship COMP4012 Module
Horizon CDT Responsible Research and Innovation COMP4119 Module
Horizon CDT Sprint Project COMP4114 Module
Horizon CDT Writing Your Thesis COMP4109 Module
Human-AI Interaction COMP3074 Module
Individual Dissertation COMP3003 Module
Individual Project: Human-Computer Interaction COMP4031 Module
Industrial Experience COMP3016 Module
Introduction to Data Science DATA1001 Module
Introduction to Formal Reasoning COMP2065 Module
Introduction to Human Computer Interaction COMP2004 Module
Introduction to Image Processing COMP2005 Module
Introduction to Probability and Statistics DATA1004 Module
Introduction to Smart Things and Robotics COMP2064 Module
Introduction to Software Development for Data Science DATA1006 Module
Introduction to Software Engineering COMP1003 Module
Languages and Computation COMP2012 Module
Linear and Discrete Optimization COMP4041 Module
Machine Learning COMP3009 Module
Machine Learning (20cr) COMP4139 Module
Malware Analysis COMP4101 Module
Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1 COMP1001 Module
Mathematics for Computer Scientists 2 COMP1043 Module
Mixed Reality COMP4036 Module
Mobile Device Programming COMP3018 Module
MSci Group Programming Project COMP4028 Module
MSci Individual Programming Project COMP4029 Module
MSci Individual Research Project COMP4027 Module
Networks COMP1055 Module
Operating Systems & Concurrency COMP2007 Module
Probability Models and Time Series DATA2002 Module
Professional Ethics in Computing COMP3020 Module
Programming COMP4008 Module
Programming (Level 3) COMP3085 Module
Programming and Algorithms COMP1005 Module
Programming and Algorithms [Apprenticeship] COMP1051 Module
Programming Paradigms COMP1009 Module
Programs, Proofs and Types COMP4074 Module
Project in Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures COMP4040 Module
Project Support DATA3003 Module
Research Methods COMP4037 Module
Research Project in Computer Science COMP4003 Module
Research Project in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) COMP4026 Module
Research Project in Cyberphysical Systems COMP4120 Module
Research Project in Data Science COMP4096 Module
Responsible Decision Making DATA2004 Module
Scaling up Data Science DATA3002 Module
Schools Experience COMP3017 Module
Simulation and Optimisation for Decision Support COMP4038 Module
Single Semester Software Engineering Group Project COMP2053 Module
Software Engineering Group Project COMP2002 Module
Software Engineering Management COMP4024 Module
Software in Society COMP3013 Module
Software Portfolio Assessment ZDAT1001 Module
Software Specification COMP2010 Module
Statistical Models and Methods DATA2001 Module
Statistics and Probability Modelling Assessment ZDAT2002 Module
Symbolic Artificial Intelligence COMP3008 Module
Synoptic Data Science Assessment 1 ZDAT1004 Module
Synoptic Data Science Assessment 2 ZDAT2004 Module
Systems and Architecture COMP1006 Module
Systems and Networks COMP4035 Module
Systems and Networks (Level 3) COMP3086 Module
Team Working Skills DATA2007 Module
Topical Trends in Cyber Security COMP4102 Module
Visualisation Techniques DATA2005 Module
Work-Based Project (Assessment) ZDAT3001 Module

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