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Academic Practice: Topics in Business and Management BUSI5019 Module
Accounting and Finance BUSI4002 Module
Accounting and Finance Dissertation BUSI4153 Module
Accounting Information Systems BUSI2148 Module
Advanced Corporate Reporting and Analysis BUSI3183 Module
Advanced Issues in Financial Reporting BUSI4414 Module
Advanced Management Accounting BUSI3185 Module
Advanced Operations Analysis BUSI4498 Module
Advanced Research Methods BUSI5020 Module
Advanced Taxation BUSI3203 Module
Analytics Specializations and Applications BUSI4370 Module
Applied Econometrics BUSI3030 Module
Applied Marketing Project BUSI4168 Module
Assurance BUSI1026 Module
Audit and Assurance BUSI2034 Module
Bank Risk Measurement and Management BUSI4427 Module
Bank Theory, Operations and Management BUSI4423 Module
Banking and Finance Dissertation BUSI4109 Module
Behavioural Economics and Decision Making BUSI4417 Module
Behavioural Economics and Finance BUSI3038 Module
Behavioural Finance BUSI4616 Module
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency BUSI4617 Module
Branding and Marketing Communications BUSI4483 Module
Business and Management Dissertation BUSI4136 Module
Business Economics BUSI1100 Module
Business Economics BUSI4045 Module
Business Economics BUSI4014 Module
Business Economics (MSc) BUSI4468 Module
Business Ethics BUSI4021 Module
Business Ethics and Sustainability BUSI3182 Module
Business Finance BUSI1020 Module
Business Intelligence and Analytics BUSI4492 Module
Business Intelligence in the Digital Economy BUSI4111 Module
Business Law BUSI1094 Module
Business Law (BSc Accountancy) BUSI1129 Module
Business Planning: Taxation BUSI3049 Module
Business Project BUSI4618 Module
Business School Dissertation BUSI3006 Module
Business to Business Marketing BUSI4435 Module
Business, Government and Public Policy BUSI3035 Module
Business, Human Rights and Sustainable Development BUSI2044 Module
Capital Market Analysis BUSI4519 Module
Central Banking Theory and Practice BUSI4429 Module
Commissioning and Service Redesign BUSI4046 Module
Computational Finance BUSI4447 Module
Computers in Business BUSI1001 Module
Consumer Behaviour BUSI3033 Module
Consumer Behaviour and Analytics BUSI4479 Module
Consumer Behaviour and Consumption BUSI4158 Module
Consumers, Ethics and Regulation in Finance BUSI4424 Module
Contemporary Developments in HRM and Organisations BUSI3148 Module
Contemporary Developments in HRM/OB BUSI4476 Module
Contemporary Issues in Accounting BUSI3129 Module
Contemporary Issues in Banking BUSI4430 Module
Contemporary Issues in Finance BUSI4602 Module
Contemporary Topics in Finance BUSI5017 Module
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management BUSI2165 Module
Corporate Finance (Level 2) BUSI2146 Module
Corporate Finance (Level 2, BSc Accountancy) BUSI2191 Module
Corporate Finance (MBA) BUSI4007 Module
Corporate Finance (MSc) BUSI4443 Module
Corporate Financial Management BUSI4567 Module
Corporate Financial Strategy BUSI4402 Module
Corporate Governance BUSI4418 Module
Corporate Restructuring and Governance BUSI3028 Module
Corporate Risk BUSI4452 Module
Corporate Strategy BUSI4437 Module
Critical Marketing BUSI4481 Module
Current Issues in Accounting BUSI4406 Module
Data Analytics and Machine Learning for FinTech BUSI4620 Module
Data at Scale: Management, Processing, Visualization BUSI4369 Module
Data Driven Dissertation Project in Business Analytics BUSI4374 Module
Data Management and Manipulation BUSI4488 Module
Database Design and Implementation BUSI2018 Module
Derivative Investment BUSI4445 Module
Design of Operations Facilities and Systems BUSI4494 Module
Designing Doctoral Research: Philosophy & Practice BUSI5016 Module
Digital Customer Experience and Applications BUSI4649 Module
Digital Marketing BUSI4484 Module
Digital Marketing Challenge BUSI4653 Module
Digital Marketing Communications BUSI4650 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy BUSI4651 Module
Dissertation: MSc International Business BUSI4027 Module
E-Business BUSI4458 Module
Economic Principles BUSI1097 Module
Economics of Regulation and Public Choice BUSI3187 Module
Employment Relations BUSI4473 Module
Entrepreneurial Creativity BUSI4454 Module
Entrepreneurship and Creativity BUSI4560 Module
Entrepreneurship and Creativity (FT) BUSI4559 Module
Entrepreneurship Business Plan BUSI4557 Module
Entrepreneurship Dissertation BUSI4556 Module
Entrepreneurship for Social Change BUSI3207 Module
Entrepreneurship in Context BUSI4455 Module
Entrepreneurship Project (20cr) BUSI4632 Module
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice BUSI1096 Module
Environment Society and Governance BUSI1031 Module
Essentials of Accounting BUSI4645 Module
Essentials of Finance BUSI4644 Module
Essentials of International Marketing BUSI4584 Module
Essentials of Marketing BUSI4646 Module
Ethics, Governance and Risk BUSI4047 Module
Finance & Investment Dissertation BUSI4020 Module
Finance and Accounting BUSI4015 Module
Financial Accounting BUSI1009 Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting 1 BUSI2039 Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting 2 BUSI2052 Module
Financial Econometrics BUSI4448 Module
Financial Economics BUSI3027 Module
Financial Markets and Instruments BUSI4621 Module
Financial Markets and Investment BUSI3184 Module
Financial Security Valuation BUSI4412 Module
Financial Statement Analysis BUSI4415 Module
Financial Technology Dissertation BUSI4622 Module
FinTech Regulation and Data Protection BUSI4623 Module
Firm Strategy and Internationalisation BUSI2174 Module
Fixed Interest Investment BUSI4055 Module
Fixed Interest Investment BUSI4446 Module
Food Systems Futures BUSI3208 Module
Foundational Business Analytics BUSI4371 Module
Fundamentals of Financial and Management Accounting BUSI1093 Module
Fundamentals of Financial and Management Accounting [Acc] BUSI1128 Module
Games and Strategies for Business BUSI4040 Module
Generating Customer Insights and Analytics BUSI4652 Module
Health Finance, Economics and Decision Making BUSI4353 Module
Human Resource Management BUSI4438 Module
Human Resource Management & Organisation Dissertation BUSI4173 Module
Human Resource Management in Service Work BUSI2175 Module
Human Resource Management with International Perspectives BUSI2173 Module
Industrial Economics I: Economics of Organisation and Innovation BUSI2170 Module
Industrial Economics II: Economics of Pricing and Decision Making BUSI2171 Module
Industrial Economics III: Market Structure and Competition Policy BUSI3180 Module
Industrial Economics IV: Games and Strategies BUSI3181 Module
Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Research Dissertation BUSI4039 Module
Information System Design and Development BUSI4493 Module
Information Systems and Operations Management Research Dissertation BUSI4129 Module
Innovation and Technology Transfer BUSI4558 Module
Innovation Management BUSI4561 Module
Insurance in a Risky World BUSI2177 Module
Intermediate Corporate Reporting BUSI2143 Module
International Business BUSI2145 Module
International Business Environment BUSI4589 Module
International Business Strategy BUSI4585 Module
International Entrepreneurship BUSI2049 Module
International Finance (L3) BUSI3014 Module
International Finance (L4) BUSI4439 Module
International Human Resource Management BUSI4477 Module
International Logistics and Transport BUSI4497 Module
International Study Tour BUSI4350 Module
International Tourism Management BUSI4574 Module
Introduction to Economics BUSI1095 Module
Introduction to Management BUSI1003 Module
Introduction to Management Science for Business Decisions BUSI2027 Module
Introduction to Research Design and Data Analysis BUSI5005 Module
Introduction to Taxation BUSI2186 Module
Introductory Econometrics BUSI2001 Module
Launching an Entrepreneurial Business BUSI4440 Module
Launching New Ventures BUSI4532 Module
Law and Economics BUSI3013 Module
Leadership and Change Management BUSI4106 Module
Leadership, People and Organisational Capability BUSI4030 Module
Leadership, People and Organisational Capability (FT) BUSI4031 Module
Leading Big Data Business Projects BUSI4372 Module
Leading Change and Managing Risk BUSI4583 Module
Logistics and Supply Chain Management BUSI3017 Module
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research Dissertation BUSI4083 Module
Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics BUSI4373 Module
Management Accounting BUSI2147 Module
Management Accounting and Control BUSI4416 Module
Management Accounting and Decisions BUSI2037 Module
Management Dissertation BUSI4134 Module
Management of Quality BUSI3018 Module
Management Project (Business Analysis Project) BUSI4185 Module
Management Project (Business Analysis Project) (FT) BUSI4183 Module
Management Research Project BUSI4186 Module
Management Research Project (FT) BUSI4184 Module
Management Science for Business Decisions BUSI2048 Module
Management Science for Decision Support BUSI4489 Module
Management Strategy BUSI2026 Module
Managerial Economics BUSI4433 Module
Managing and Developing Organisations BUSI4474 Module
Managing and Marketing Tourism BUSI2019 Module
Managing Business Compliance BUSI3201 Module
Managing Business Operations BUSI2139 Module
Managing Contemporary Operations: Fundamentals and Challenges BUSI4490 Module
Managing Diversity BUSI3156 Module
Managing for Sustainability BUSI4563 Module
Managing Information Technologies & Systems BUSI3025 Module
Managing Innovation in Entrepreneurial Organisations BUSI4436 Module
Managing Operations in the Digital Enterprise BUSI1032 Module
Managing People BUSI4469 Module
Managing People and Organisations BUSI4432 Module
Managing Service Operations BUSI2013 Module
Managing Tourism and the Environment: Conflict or Consensus BUSI2014 Module
Marketing BUSI4004 Module
Marketing BUSI4016 Module
Marketing Analytics BUSI2045 Module
Marketing and Society BUSI3023 Module
Marketing Dissertation BUSI4167 Module
Marketing Management BUSI2172 Module
Marketing Management in the Digital Economy BUSI4467 Module
Marketing Strategy BUSI4480 Module
MBA Strategic Management (Singapore) BUSI4287 Module
Microeconomics for Business BUSI1099 Module
MSc International Tourism Management and Marketing Company Based Project BUSI4573 Module
MSc International Tourism Management and Marketing Dissertation BUSI4572 Module
New Product/Service Development Management BUSI3044 Module
New Venture Creation BUSI3202 Module
Operations and Supply Chain Strategy and Practice BUSI4441 Module
Operations Management BUSI4006 Module
Operations Management BUSI4028 Module
Operations Strategy BUSI3151 Module
Organisational Behaviour BUSI1029 Module
Organisational Theory and Practice BUSI3045 Module
Plant Location and Design BUSI3020 Module
Principles of Accounting BUSI4470 Module
Principles of Marketing BUSI4471 Module
Principles of Taxation BUSI1027 Module
Procurement and Purchasing BUSI4466 Module
Procurement and Purchasing BUSI4124 Module
Professional and Academic Development BUSI1098 Module
Professional Practice BUSI3128 Module
Programming for FinTech BUSI4624 Module
Project Management BUSI4355 Module
Project Management BUSI4135 Module
Public Services Management BUSI2144 Module
Purchasing Strategies and Techniques BUSI3037 Module
Quality Management and Quality Techniques BUSI4495 Module
Quantitative Analysis for Business BUSI1006 Module
Quantitative Methods 1a BUSI1007 Module
Quantitative Methods 1b BUSI1008 Module
Quantitative Methods 2A BUSI2010 Module
Quantitative Research Methods for Banking BUSI4426 Module
Quantitative Research Methods for Finance and Investment BUSI4566 Module
Quantitative Risk Management BUSI4428 Module
Research and Professional Skills in OB/HRM BUSI4478 Module
Research Design, Practice and Ethics BUSI4660 Module
Research Methods for Accounting and Finance BUSI4571 Module
Research Methods for Banking BUSI4425 Module
Research Methods for Management Studies BUSI4434 Module
Research Methods for Risk Management BUSI4449 Module
Research Methods in Marketing BUSI4482 Module
Risk Analysis BUSI4450 Module
Risk and Society BUSI4451 Module
Risk Management Decisions BUSI2050 Module
Risk Management Dissertation BUSI4019 Module
Risk Management Processes BUSI3012 Module
Risk, Information & Insurance BUSI3008 Module
Sales Management and Negotiations BUSI4625 Module
SAP Enterprise Resource Planning BUSI4654 Module
Strategic Entrepreneurial Growth BUSI4601 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management BUSI4475 Module
Strategic Innovation Management BUSI3046 Module
Strategic Management BUSI4013 Module
Strategic Management BUSI4018 Module
Strategic Management BUSI3186 Module
Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage BUSI2138 Module
Strategic Market Relations: Building, Managing, and Leveraging Market Relationships BUSI4388 Module
Strategy and Leadership BUSI4472 Module
Supply Chain and Operations Management Research Dissertation BUSI4043 Module
Supply Chain and Operations Planning BUSI2047 Module
Supply Chain Planning and Management BUSI4496 Module
Sustainable Decisions and Organisations BUSI4080 Module
Sustainable Decisions and Organisations BUSI4564 Module
Sustainable Finance BUSI4627 Module
Sustainable Tourism Futures BUSI2028 Module
Sustainable Tourism Management BUSI4575 Module
Tax Compliance BUSI2038 Module
Technology and Organisation BUSI2176 Module
Technology Entrepreneurship BUSI4570 Module
Technology Entrepreneurship in Practice BUSI3169 Module
The Economics of Strategy and Market Structure BUSI4421 Module
The Psychology of Economic and Business Decisions BUSI2051 Module
Theory of Risk and Applications BUSI4453 Module
Topics in Advanced Econometrics BUSI5007 Module
Topics in Advanced Econometrics II BUSI5018 Module
Topics in Business and Society BUSI5021 Module
Topics in Labour and Personnel Economics BUSI2032 Module
Venture Capital and Private Equity (MBA) BUSI4562 Module
Venture Capital and Private Equity (MSc) BUSI4422 Module
Work and Society BUSI1030 Module

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