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Advanced Development Economics ECON3005 Module
Advanced Econometric Theory ECON3012 Module
Advanced Econometric Theory (20 cr) ECON3092 Module
Advanced Experimental and Behavioural Economics ECON3028 Module
Advanced Financial Economics ECON3013 Module
Advanced Industrial Economics ECON3021 Module
Advanced International Trade I ECON3006 Module
Advanced International Trade II ECON3016 Module
Advanced Labour Economics ECON3026 Module
Advanced Macroeconomic Methods ECON4003 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics ECON3002 Module
Advanced Mathematical Economics ECON3024 Module
Advanced Microeconomic Theory ECON4019 Module
Advanced Microeconomics ECON3010 Module
Advanced Monetary Economics ECON3008 Module
Advanced Political Economy ECON3029 Module
Advanced Public Economics ECON3003 Module
Applied Behavioural Economics ECON4031 Module
Applied Econometrics ECON2046 Module
Applied Econometrics I ECON2005 Module
Applied Econometrics II ECON2006 Module
Applied Microeconometrics ECON4008 Module
Behavioural Economic Theory ECON4032 Module
Big Data Economics ECON4060 Module
Current Economic Issues ECON1016 Module
Development Economics ECON2013 Module
Development Microeconomics ECON4024 Module
Development Policy Analysis ECON4013 Module
Econometric Theory ECON4001 Module
Econometric Theory ECON2045 Module
Econometric Theory I ECON2002 Module
Econometric Theory I (10cr) ECON2049 Module
Econometric Theory II ECON2004 Module
Econometric Theory II (10cr) ECON2050 Module
Econometrics Methods ECON4059 Module
Economic Data Analysis ECON4028 Module
Economic Integration I ECON1013 Module
Economic Integration II ECON1014 Module
Economic Policy Analysis ECON4002 Module
Economic Policy Analysis I ECON3027 Module
Economic Policy Analysis II ECON3080 Module
Economic Research Dissertation ECON5006 Module
Economic Research Methodology ECON4029 Module
Economics Dissertation ECON3001 Module
Economics of Corporate Finance ECON4023 Module
Economics of Household Finance ECON4030 Module
Environmental and Resource Economics ECON2015 Module
Essentials of Financial Economics ECON4058 Module
Experimental and Behavioural Economics ECON2011 Module
Experimental Methods in Economics ECON4006 Module
Financial and Macro Econometrics ECON4027 Module
Financial Economics ECON2012 Module
Foundations of Economics ECON1043 Module
Foundations of Macroeconomics: Growth, Cycles and Policy ECON1023 Module
Foundations of Microeconomics: Choice, Markets and Welfare ECON1022 Module
Growth and Development in Long-Run Historical Perspective ECON1019 Module
Industrial Economics ECON2010 Module
International Macroeconomics ECON4004 Module
International Money and Macroeconomics ECON3018 Module
International Trade ECON2007 Module
International Trade Theory ECON4012 Module
Introduction to Economics ECON1050 Module
Introduction to Macroeconomics ECON1002 Module
Introduction to Microeconomics ECON1001 Module
Labour Economics ECON2009 Module
Machine Learning for Economics ECON4061 Module
Macroeconomic Theory ECON2003 Module
Macroeconomic Theory ECON4016 Module
Macroeconomics Methods ECON4039 Module
Macroeconomics: Economic Cycles, Frictions and Policy ECON4018 Module
Mathematical Economics and Econometrics ECON1044 Module
Mathematical Economics and Statistical Methods ECON1046 Module
Microeconometric Methods ECON3022 Module
Microeconomic Theory ECON4015 Module
Microeconomic Theory ECON2001 Module
Microeconomics Methods ECON4034 Module
Microeconomics: Consumer and Firm Behaviour ECON4017 Module
Monetary Economics ECON2008 Module
Monetary Theory and Practice ECON4035 Module
MSc Dissertation: Economics ECON4014 Module
Numerical Methods in Economics ECON3030 Module
PhD Advanced Macroeconomics ECON5002 Module
PhD Advanced Microeconomic Theory ECON5003 Module
PhD Applied Computational Economics ECON5008 Module
PhD Behavioural Economics Research ECON5005 Module
Political Economy ECON2016 Module
Pre-Sessional Econometrics ECON4038 Module
Pre-Sessional Maths ECON4037 Module
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON2018 Module
Principles of Microeconomics ECON2017 Module
Public Sector Economics ECON2014 Module
Quantitative Economics ECON1045 Module
Quantitative Methods ECON1047 Module
Skills for Economists: Academic Study and Recruitment Processes ECON1018 Module
The Politics of Economics and the Economics of Politicians ECON1051 Module
Time Series Econometrics ECON4007 Module
Trade Analysis and Policy ECON4020 Module

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