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Advanced Logic PHIL3011 Module
Advanced Topics in Aesthetics PHIL3006 Module
Advanced Topics in Social Philosophy PHIL3024 Module
An Introduction to Metaethics PHIL2012 Module
Ancient Greek Philosophy PHIL2052 Module
Ancient Philosophy PHIL1001 Module
Authenticity, Freedom, and Ethics PHIL3034 Module
Being, Becoming and Reality PHIL2011 Module
Buddhist Philosophy PHIL3014 Module
Communicating Philosophy PHIL3015 Module
Continental Philosophy PHIL2053 Module
Dissertation PHIL3001 Module
Dissertation PHIL3002 Module
Dissertation A: Philosophy PHIL4001 Module
Environmental Ethics PHIL3013 Module
Equality PHIL3035 Module
Ethics PHIL4035 Module
Free Will and Action PHIL3012 Module
Freedom and Obligation PHIL2009 Module
Gender, Justice and Society PHIL1015 Module
History of Philosophy: Ancient to Modern PHIL1017 Module
Intermediate Logic PHIL2054 Module
Knowledge and Justification PHIL2010 Module
Knowledge and Language PHIL4036 Module
Knowledge, Ignorance, and Democracy PHIL3028 Module
Marx PHIL3008 Module
Metaphysics PHIL4029 Module
Metaphysics, Science, and Language PHIL1014 Module
Mind and Consciousness PHIL2006 Module
Mind and Metaphysics PHIL4037 Module
Mind, Knowledge, and Ethics PHIL1013 Module
Mind, Psychology and Mental Health PHIL3003 Module
Normative Ethics PHIL2007 Module
Philosophical Topics PHIL4039 Module
Philosophical Topics PHIL4034 Module
Philosophy and Mortality PHIL3026 Module
Philosophy and the Contemporary World PHIL1011 Module
Philosophy of Art PHIL2013 Module
Philosophy of Criminal Law PHIL3018 Module
Philosophy of Education PHIL3030 Module
Philosophy of Recreation PHIL3032 Module
Philosophy of Religions PHIL1016 Module
Philosophy of Science: From Positivism to Postmodernism PHIL2014 Module
Philosophy of Sex PHIL3033 Module
Philosophy of Sex PHIL3021 Module
Rawls's Political Philosophy and its Critics PHIL3025 Module
Reasoning, Argument, and Logic PHIL1012 Module
School of Humanities Work Placement (Philosophy) PHIL2016 Module
Social and Political Philosophy PHIL4038 Module
Social Philosophy PHIL2008 Module
Space, Time, and Motion PHIL2055 Module
Subjectivism and Relativism in Ethics PHIL3020 Module
Taking Utilitarianism Seriously PHIL3016 Module
The Nature of Meaning PHIL2004 Module
Topic in the Philosophy of Science PHIL3022 Module
Topics in Asian Philosophy PHIL2015 Module

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