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Consciousness in Fiction ENGL4033 Module
Academic Community ENGL1008 Module
Advanced Research Methods in Applied Linguistics: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods ENGL4075 Module
Advanced Study Module DL - 15 Credits ENGL4148 Module
Advanced Stylistics ENGL3069 Module
Advanced Writing Practice ENGL3040 Module
Advanced Writing Practice: Fiction ENGL3099 Module
Advanced Writing Practice: Poetry ENGL3098 Module
Applied English Portfolio 1 ENGL4305 Module
Applied English Portfolio 2 ENGL4306 Module
Applied English Portfolio 20c ENGL4308 Module
Applied English Portfolio 3 ENGL4307 Module
Applied English Portfolio 40c ENGL4309 Module
Approaches to Text (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4232 Module
Approaches to Text (DL - 30 Credits) ENGL4092 Module
Beginnings of English ENGL1006 Module
Business and Organisational Communication ENGL4097 Module
Changing Stages: Theatre Industry and Theatre Art ENGL3100 Module
Chaucer and his Contemporaries, c.1380-c.1420 ENGL2011 Module
Cognition and Literature ENGL4025 Module
Cognition and Literature (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4054 Module
Cognition and Literature (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4210 Module
Communication and Entrepreneurship Research Project ENGL4096 Module
Conflict and Cohesion: Religion and Cultural Change ENGL4229 Module
Contemporary Fiction ENGL3065 Module
Contextualising Old English ENGL4266 Module
Contextualising Old Norse ENGL4267 Module
Corpus Linguistics ENGL4158 Module
Creative Writing Dissertation ENGL3058 Module
Creative Writing Practice ENGL1010 Module
Creative Writing: Conventions and Techniques ENGL4147 Module
D H Lawrence and Modernism ENGL4117 Module
Descriptive Linguistic Analysis (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4246 Module
Descriptive Linguistic Analysis (DL - 30 Credits) ENGL4039 Module
Digital Communication in the Professions ENGL4223 Module
Digital Story: Craft and Technique ENGL3073 Module
Discourse Analysis (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4251 Module
Discourses of Health and Work ENGL3095 Module
Dissertation ENGL4031 Module
Dissertation ENGL4067 Module
Dissertation for MA In Social Science Research (Applied Linguistics) ENGL4168 Module
Dissertation in Creative Writing ENGL4111 Module
Dissertation in Health Care Communication ENGL4065 Module
Drama, Theatre, Performance ENGL1001 Module
Dramatic Discourse ENGL4160 Module
Dreaming the Middle Ages: Visionary Poetry in Scotland and England ENGL3047 Module
English Dissertation: Full year ENGL3002 Module
English Dissertation: Spring Semester only ENGL3029 Module
English Literature: History ENGL1004 Module
English Place-Names ENGL3013 Module
English Place-Names: Language, Landscape, History (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4244 Module
English Place-Names: Language, Landscape, History (DL - 30 Credits) ENGL4200 Module
English Vocabulary: Teaching and Learning (PGT - 20 Credits) ENGL4074 Module
Essentials of English ENGL1013 Module
Fiction: Forms and Conventions ENGL2024 Module
From englisc to inglish: History of the English Language (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4101 Module
From Englisc to Inglish: History of the English Language (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4233 Module
From Stanislavski to Contemporary Performance: practice and theory ENGL2020 Module
From Talking Horses to Romantic Revolutionaries: Literature 1700-1830 ENGL2007 Module
Health Care Documentation (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4215 Module
Health Care Narratives (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4214 Module
Health Care Narratives (DL - 30 Credits) ENGL4062 Module
History of English ENGL2004 Module
Ice and Fire: Myths and Heroes of the North ENGL2002 Module
Intercultural Business Communication ENGL4228 Module
Intercultural Communication ENGL4094 Module
Intercultural Communication (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4137 Module
Intercultural Communication (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4241 Module
Investigating Health Communication (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4237 Module
Island and Empire ENGL3097 Module
Language and Feminism ENGL3094 Module
Language and Gender ENGL4206 Module
Language and the Mind ENGL3051 Module
Language Development ENGL2016 Module
Language in Society ENGL2026 Module
Language Teaching: Speaking and Listening ENGL4142 Module
Language, Gender and Professional Communication ENGL4225 Module
Language, Gender and Sexuality ENGL4018 Module
Leadership Communication ENGL4227 Module
Learning to Publish: Contemporary Forms & Practices (PGT - 20 Credits) ENGL4271 Module
Learning to Read: Criticism for Creative Writers (PGT - 20 Credits) ENGL4221 Module
Literary Geographies (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4114 Module
Literary Geographies (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4234 Module
Literary Histories ENGL4150 Module
Literary Linguistics ENGL2017 Module
Literary Linguistics (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4247 Module
Literary Linguistics 2 (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4248 Module
Literature and Popular Culture ENGL2010 Module
Literature in Britain Since 1950 ENGL4030 Module
Making Something Happen: Twentieth-Century Poetry and Politics ENGL3066 Module
Middle English Romance (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4245 Module
Modern and Contemporary Literature ENGL2008 Module
Modern Irish Drama and Literature ENGL3101 Module
Modernism and the Avant-Garde in Literature and Drama ENGL4155 Module
MRes Dissertation in Medieval Languages and Literatures ENGL4310 Module
Names and Identities ENGL2012 Module
Narratology (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4209 Module
Narratology - (PGT - 20 Credits) ENGL4020 Module
Old English Heroic Poetry ENGL3015 Module
Old English Texts 1 (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4239 Module
Old English: Reflection and Lament ENGL2013 Module
Old Norse Texts I ENGL4015 Module
One and Unequal: World Literature and English ENGL3103 Module
Oscar Wilde and Henry James: British Aestheticism and Commodity Culture ENGL3034 Module
Performance: Contexts and Frameworks (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4138 Module
Performance: Contexts and Frameworks (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4242 Module
Performing the Nation: British Theatre since 1980 ENGL3063 Module
Place, Region, Empire (PGT - 20 Credits) ENGL4151 Module
Place-Names in Context: Language, landscape and history ENGL4268 Module
Poetry: Best words, Best Order ENGL4262 Module
Poetry: Forms and Conventions ENGL2023 Module
Professional Communication at Work ENGL4224 Module
Project-Based Dissertation ENGL3045 Module
Psycholinguistics 1 (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4087 Module
Psycholinguistics 1 (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4230 Module
Psychology of Language ENGL4036 Module
Reading Old English ENGL4263 Module
Reading Old Norse ENGL4264 Module
Reading Runes ENGL4269 Module
Reformation and Revolution: Early Modern literature and drama 1588-1688 ENGL3072 Module
Regional Writers ENGL1011 Module
Research Methodologies for Health Care Communication ENGL4213 Module
Research Methods for Professional Communication ENGL4226 Module
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4066 Module
Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4236 Module
Research Methods in Viking and Early Medieval English Studies ENGL4265 Module
Research Methods: Corpus Linguistics (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4159 Module
Research Methods: Corpus Linguistics (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4211 Module
Research Methods: Corpus Linguistics (PGT - 20 Credits) ENGL4140 Module
Riotous Performance: Drama, Disruption and Protest ENGL4222 Module
Second Language Acquisition ENGL4069 Module
Shakespeare and Contemporaries on the Page ENGL2006 Module
Shakespeare and Contemporaries on the Stage ENGL2018 Module
Shakespeare's Histories: Critical Approaches ENGL1012 Module
Shakespeare, Space and Place (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4238 Module
Shakespeare, Space, and Place (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4118 Module
Shakespeare: Text, Stage and Screen ENGL4219 Module
Single Author Study ENGL3067 Module
Sociolinguistics of Work ENGL4095 Module
Songs and Sonnets: Lyric poetry from Medieval Manuscript to Shakespeare and Donne ENGL3046 Module
Speculative Fictions ENGL4149 Module
Studying Language ENGL1002 Module
Studying Literature ENGL1007 Module
Syllabus Design and Methodology 1 (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4050 Module
Syllabus Design and Methodology 1 (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4207 Module
Syllabus Design and Methodology 2 (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4051 Module
Syllabus Design and Methodology 2 (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4208 Module
Teaching English as a Foreign Language ENGL3012 Module
Texts Across Time ENGL2027 Module
Textualities: Defining, making and using text ENGL4152 Module
The Gothic ENGL4124 Module
The Gothic (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4240 Module
The Gothic Tradition ENGL3068 Module
The History of the Book 1200-1600 (DL - 15CR) ENGL4116 Module
The History of the Book: 1200-1600 (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4235 Module
The Language of Compliance (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4216 Module
The Language of Compliance (DL - 30 Credits) ENGL4064 Module
The Language of Stones: Runes and runic inscriptions ENGL4079 Module
The Psychology of Bilingualism and Language Learning ENGL2021 Module
The Self and the World: Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century ENGL3059 Module
The Viking Mind ENGL3070 Module
The Viking World ENGL1009 Module
Theatre Making ENGL3005 Module
Twentieth-Century Plays ENGL2019 Module
Victorian and Fin de Siecle Literature: 1830-1910 ENGL2009 Module
Vocabulary: Teaching and Learning (DL - 15 Credits) ENGL4047 Module
Vocabulary: Teaching and Learning (DL - 20 Credits) ENGL4252 Module
What is Literature? ENGL4058 Module
What is Literature? ENGL4212 Module
Writing Workshop: Fiction ENGL4144 Module
Writing Workshop: Poetry ENGL4145 Module

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