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Alexander Pope and Eighteenth-Century Literary Contexts AE106 Module
Approaches to Victorian Literature AE120 Module
Calls, Speech, Writing, and Sign Language AE215 Module
Cognitive Narratology AE209 Module
Cognitive Poetics AE210 Module
Comics and Graphic Novels AE127 Module
Constructions of Madness, Nineteenth Century to the Present AE104 Module
Contemporary Fairy Tale Literature AE107 Module
Core Concepts in Discourse Analysis AE227 Module
Core Concepts in Linguistics AE201 Module
Core Concepts in Professional Communication AE216 Module
Core Concepts in SLA (Second Language Acquisition) AE202 Module
Core Concepts in Vocabulary Studies AE217 Module
Corpus Stylistics AE214 Module
Corpus-based discourse analysis AE237 Module
Correspondence in the Long Nineteenth Century AE115 Module
Culture and Communication AE218 Module
Death and Dying in Late Medieval Literature AE302 Module
Digital Professional Communication AE239 Module
Early Medieval Women and Literature AE320 Module
Ecocriticism AE108 Module
ELT Methodology AE219 Module
English Field-Names AE311 Module
English for Academic Purposes AE238 Module
Essentials in Critical Literary Studies AE129 Module
Essentials of Old Norse AE314 Module
Ethical Criticism AE103 Module
Factors in SLA AE203 Module
Gothic Literature AE109 Module
Hexapod AE006 Module
Historical Pragmatics AE220 Module
Homer in Modern and Contemporary Literature AE131 Module
Indian Literature of the Twentieth Century AE102 Module
Intercultural Competence in Context AE221 Module
Interlanguage Pragmatics AE222 Module
Investigating Given Names AE316 Module
Language and Gender in Professional Communication AE223 Module
Leadership Communication AE241 Module
Learning and Teaching Second Language Vocabulary AE224 Module
Literary Linguistics AE204 Module
Medieval Geographies AE315 Module
Metamodernism and Contemporary British Fiction AE132 Module
Metaphor AE225 Module
Modernism and D. H. Lawrence AE110 Module
Narratology AE208 Module
Old English Language AE312 Module
Old English Literature AE313 Module
Oscar Wilde and West End Theatre AE119 Module
Performing Space and Place AE403 Module
Place-Names in the English Landscape AE309 Module
Professional Communication in a Globalised World AE242 Module
Quantitative Methods in Applied Linguistics AE229 Module
Queens of Crime Fiction AE118 Module
Queer Linguistics AE235 Module
Reading and Editing the Medieval Text AE304 Module
Reading the Early Modern Body AE122 Module
Religion and Fantasy Literature AE111 Module
Runes and Runic Inscriptions AE306 Module
Saints and Heroes in Old English Poetry AE318 Module
Shakespeare and Text AE404 Module
Southeast Asian Literature AE101 Module
Speculative Fictions (1500-Present) AE116 Module
Surnames and Identities AE339 Module
Systemic Functional Linguistics AE228 Module
Talk at Work AE240 Module
Teaching and Assessing Second Language Skills AE226 Module
Text World Theory AE205 Module
Texts in a Digital World AE213 Module
Textual editing AE125 Module
The Language of Dystopia AE451 Module
The Language of English Place-Names AE308 Module
The Language of Multimodal Literature AE211 Module
The Language of Surrealism AE206 Module
The Lyric and its Language in Middle English AE305 Module
The Modernist Short Story AE121 Module
The Old English Elegies AE319 Module
The Reader in Stylistics AE207 Module
The Reading Public in the Romantic Period AE114 Module
Understanding Performance AE401 Module
Vampire AE112 Module
Vikings in the East Midlands AE317 Module
Women Poets of the English Civil War AE123 Module
Word and Multiword Units AE234 Module
World Literatures AE117 Module
World Utopia in the Early Twentieth Century AE130 Module
Writing Poetry AE405 Module

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